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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,222 – May 3 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
A little revelry groups may get up to? ORGY
A show of affection allowed? Bit of a nerve! AXON
Affected youth who reportedly runs a hostel by the end of the Northern Line HOORAYHENRY
African six-footer stops drunk in Paris BANTU
African Tree Day no longer observed by a scientist AFARA
Ailurophile’s top facilitator of tunes, one shilling rings … and turkey? ABADJOB
An expert dropping in without it’s rather tasteless ABITOFF
Arch-playmate Eve’s back’s out, chit trapping the nerve! IASKYOU
Back to London, whither the M1 goes further THEN
Balance demonstrated using these pairs of parallel bars? EQUALSSIGNS
Bring back into room douane’s case: checking counter spot phoney operative DEHYPNOTIZE
East coast Scots bay topped west coast one off BANFF
Essence of local notice that Four Cups must close, it’s said, for a spell ABRACADABRA
Feature of last month’s retro house name NOEL
Game-maker from Arab state? No question ATARI
Have to carry teddy? BEAR
He’s broken when investing in Crooks Ltd. foolishly? STOCKHOLDER
In tears — no gal to kiss and cuddle SNOG
Into impersonating Elvis? Well, it’s … the money AONEFOR
Jones’s last major hit on which nobody performed work? The reverse GREENONIONS
Massage, needing wind up, ultimately? BURP
Motor man reported by Macdui and Nevis? BENZ
Mysterious character reared in the nursery RUNE
Not much time left to put back tracks removed (not right) AFATLOT
Quick, hide stuff being cut in review RUNFORCOVER
Remark wingers of Les Bleus should be red-carded QUIP
Spenser’s easily part of Poet Heritage ETHE
Take me on whenever mineral collects IFORONE
Upset building block of course loses me race for four tokens LUDO
US resident regrets ‘no malignancy’ is showing up GILAMONSTER
Web of pathetic lies between mariner and brass AFEWBOB
Your clubs, Mr Benitez, rejected another cup of tea AFARCRY