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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,223 – May 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Awareness in book, enlightening KEN
Ball of fire, I’ve blown it up! STAR
Better, winning leg UPSTAGE
Catch to hold down, lifted NIP
Certainly gone awry, one female lost OFCOURSE
Cleaner TV programme SOAP
Drawer of cash occupying vile prison BASTILLE
Each dish one eats APIECE
Egyptian king refurbishing motel in Paraguay, completely gutted PTOLEMY
Experience sponsor losing capital thus UNDERGO
Flying classes, air trip and a flight SPIRALSTAIRCASE
Get out and live an avian life? BEATIT
Great waste in fuel COLOSSAL
Highest jumper, say? TOP
Huge home gated in part MEGA
Indian style, cold, cold waters BALTIC
Irritating thing in splinter treated with gas — that’s for a minor injury STICKINGPLASTER
Island routes being discussed? RHODES
Leave before Christmas dinner perhaps, heading for pub DECAMP
Nothing to repeat, I should add — oh dear! OOPS
Nurse unlikely, ultimately, to get deal TREATY
Possible reason why Harry Potter failed exam? SPELLINGMISTAKE
Present items, ladies’ legs? STOCKINGFILLERS
Silent prowler on the retreat, one shot TACITURN
Something to get one’s teeth into about a project LAUNCH
Spoil the Spanish main? MAR
Stranded in middle of night, close to houses AGROUND
Tailless bird brought up after bag of bones SACRAL