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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,224 – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
& 18 Down Rump of goat but no duck in hearty red hot meat tapas dished up for un-birthday bash (3,3,7,3,5) THEMADHATTERS
& 6 Down & 10 Across Krays perhaps surrounding rickety Elk Lake billet (misprinted, Times admitted) — nonsense from 6 Across 18 Down TWINKLE
Bores worry about liberation South supports CALIBRES
Close border? END
Delighted to have got on without introduction ELATED
Dowager Dame Myra or Deputy F├╝hrer Rudolf suppressing rage HEIRESS
Dried meat left in small piece not quite gone off BILTONG
Elvis, Ali asked regularly to work together LIAISE
Freelance journalist with no sign of hesitation following thread STRING
Ha’pence for change caught out object of extravagant courtship PEAHEN
Infamous atoll’s sparse cover? BIKINI
Leftie egghead last in line going for leader of Labour somehow soaring EAGLEFLIGHTED
New York baseball team possibly makes alpine move? STEMTURN
One should be critical about Gogglebox participant? REVIEWER
Painter of plump pulchritude not having finished eating English salt beef sandwich REUBEN
Recall wife hit out against lottery WITHDRAW
Run through gardens in South East by river SKEWER
See 6 Across TEAPARTY
See 6 Down BAT
Silver lining in showing respect HOMAGE
Slippery character list announced in EastEnders? EEL
Sounds like science of identification, reads like freshwater fish science, but is an entire way of thinking IDEOLOGY
Stock improvement from genius involved with Eric Clapton initially EUGENICS
Suppress a stench that’s spread CHASTEN
Sylvester Stallone shortly to tackle Shaft? Quite! SLIGHTLY
Two short words promising one long commitment IDO
Would-be personality exchanged views with bishop dismissed for empty stalls SELFCONFESSED