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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,226 – May 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Aboard ship, peer as net entangled marine monsters SEASERPENTS
Aggravation at sea losing a good sailor NAVIGATOR
Almost completed short step saving energy payment TRIBUTE
Basically fussy and really regularly ignored PRIMELY
Capsized over and over UPENDED
Clothing I left dropped in dirty room VESTIBULE
Comedian with variable range CARRY
Composition of two foreign articles after a month NOVELLA
Cor! Pet possibly disappears in milling waste products such as this SAWDUST
Cut sandwiches to music from America MOTOWN
Degrees ending in success? THIRDS
Deliver case of iron and copper in Nice and lead in Toulouse INFLICT
Divine gold carpet going upwards AUGUR
Figure coming up with metal good for mesh NETTING
Greed is a sin holding soldiers back AVARICE
Honour nice as alternative for respect OBEISANCE
Invite violent commotion seeing off bridge opponents TEMPT
Lamentable being pregnant after a Romeo disappears CRYING
One taking advantage of work somewhere in Africa in harbour OPPORTUNIST
Organisation in which one is made victim SETUP
Recordings made of time with friends TALLIES
Ruin predicted in trouble with EU DECREPITUDE
Some international clubs yearn to bag one player PARTICIPANT
Stumble from topless bar; felt drunk FALTER
Swimmers on near edge of treacherous rocks TOTTERS
They gas snakes after beginning to panic PRATTLERS
Unfavourable publicity almost sure to be heartless ADVERSE
Very fine screen is most weak SOFTEST