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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,227 – May 14 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
A French female swallowing rough sea causing apprehension UNEASE
Dress for races in river ATTIRE
Fish getting on boat for sport SKATEBOARDING
Halt exercises in railway bar ESTOPPEL
Hard instruction about a magpie HOARDER
Having more importance than others in front of cardinal PREEMINENCE
Heard lord chant, very loud PIERCING
His tempo when playing could be the devil MEPHISTO
Lacking parking, place second street last UTMOST
Medium in dried-up sample on slide SMEAR
Mischievous child concerned about half of HM Excise being inexact IMPRECISE
Mournful music brought back by English network DIRGE
On Nile flowing back, one goes east to find current ELNINO
Outpouring from snout with broken bones and head, reportedly NOSEBLEED
Position of wheels that is returning in fashion TOEIN
Rebel in study with time could become lacking in moral vigour DECADENT
Regular attendant sees a drop in colour HABITUE
Rhyming lines in service accompanied by tango TIERCET
River monuments heartlessly vandalised send everyone away EXEUNTOMNES
Singer’s evil towards regiment SINATRA
Snappish storm spoilt fair play SPORTSMANSHIP
Stick publicity in this place ADHERE
This should not be removed from fine pasty after cooking SAFETYPIN
Using two languages at that time causes increase in duration LENGTHEN
Voluntaries regularly appearing to be extravagant OUTRE
With Vogue short of capital in a mess this will preponderate OUTWEIGH
Withdraw to have 31 days back in Rome? SECEDE
Written declaration of opinions is plain ordinary MANIFESTO