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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,229 – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
A job destroyed renegade APOSTATE
A right lavish binge runs away with church FREESPEECH
After bike, communist seizes mounted horse, maybe QUADRUPED
Amateurs spread pieces LAYMEN
American’s talking nonsense when wine is imbibed by jerk JIVING
Avenger almost left, showing staying power STEEL
Corrodes anode, a right mess finally EATS
Cycling fun: a character coming last is not bothered UNFAZED
Defeated personnel in urban setting THROWN
Design a Morse character after US president POLKADOT
Employer bottled by Scouse ruffian USER
Experience less energy UNDERGO
Fake tears upset Zoe at first ERSATZ
Fix flow backing up EDIT
Follow course recording TRACK
In a crude way, old British activity disheartened lady OBSCENELY
Latin used badly is cut off INSULATED
Lucid old woman’s taken in by coin COHERENT
Most wanted by bureau, possibly, gets to work anywhere HOTDESK
Our friend is a help with login changing ANGLOPHILE
Pa perhaps in revolutionary claim, with men let out to protect base CHEMICALELEMENT
Picture getting skittle for a strike IMPINGE
Refuse to bring in Republican over Democrat’s lie? RECLINE
Repeated an error, no men involved RERAN
Require enmity, lacking the French NEED
River development New England excluded in critical description EXEGESIS
Support company leaders in panel BACKBOARD
Understand part of contrary bishop’s argument GRASP
We yearn for variation a week after Christmas NEWYEAR