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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,232 – May 22 2019

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Clues Answers
A bird like this may be seen in Nile location SWAN
A court involved in measures for sanctions ENACTS
A knight entertained by clever king CANUTE
A style for home? No AWAY
African money is frozen, first to last CEDI
Best achievement follows poor exam grades DEFEAT
Country’s name as before, having gained independence EIRE
Current strength of politician beginning to erupt in a temper AMPERAGE
Discarded vehicle floating on river outside the building EXTRAMURAL
Duty to be done — a hint intended to be listened to ASSIGNMENT
Female associated with false image in party restricted by realists somehow IDOLATRESS
Fixed line needed when picking team AXIS
He had, having earlier understood scripture, to confront wickedness or become corrupt GOTOTHEDEVIL
Hesitate, as one who was tickled to meet the Queen DODDER
Interrupting performance, sailor with drink turned around and ran down DENIGRATED
It’s miserable, being married, having inner strain WRETCHED
One north European ‘into’ poet — whose study is superficial? DILETTANTE
Real smile as I run around in country air MARSEILLAISE
Room with a Parisian sitting up in bed in India NULLAH
Select group in English Literature is embracing someone really good ELITISTS
Short story on e.g. Radio 4 generates controversy CONTESTATION
Smarter wooden frame that absorbs water BRAINIER
Sound of very important little bird KIWI
Sweet winner — dog that’s lost its tail NOISETTE
That was painful, being in exposed carriage BAROUCHE
To develop biologically, little animal took food PUPATE
With lot gathered round, bring out toast FELICITATE
Women excluded in new trade? Further change needed! READJUSTMENT