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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,233 – May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
… exercise in media high points PRESSUPS
Announce with speed and fluency: ‘Dance cancelled’ REELOFF
Approve of note received by fliers? Yes, at first RATIFY
Batman maybe visibly embarrassed when shown up in airport ORDERLY
Curiously, a dispute is shelved PUTASIDE
Eatery where there’s no waiting! CAFETERIA
English pensioners spoken for? ENGAGED
Fluids (gallons) and lubricant overturned in female accommodation SERAGLIO
German mark in ultimatum: short period’s left in shake-up UMLAUT
Girl raised to display virtue ASSET
Grant possibly presented to son for this 13 SCARY
Invader that is getting among frenzied grebes BESIEGER
It creates added interest in ceps, I fancy SPICE
It’s fiery nobleman restraining pages PEPPER
It’s hot where boy ends semester, we hear TURMERIC
It’s pungent, mother, inside vehicle (old 1000) CARDAMOM
Lenient with drip involved in counterfeiting FORGIVING
Mushroom cloud’s heading after Gagarin, whose shield’s shot AGARIC
One like Madeley, e.g., ‘she’ could be a guy, not an … AGONYAUNT
One’s blown away by mad Peruvian climber PARVENU
Pictures of Evangelists left with head of Tate stolen and circulated ENVISAGES
Regular characters aboard HMS Archer providing something fragrant MACE
Small change in Russia — swaggering leader is restricting exercise! COPECK
Some malevolent eco-vandal set about bird AVOCET
Spoils photos with top man in PICKINGS
The setter departs Ellan Vannin in style IDIOM
They gain fresh employment with Man U, perhaps — about to negotiate endlessly RETREADS
This 13 occasionally goes in pub POSH
This 13’s opening in middle of this year SPORTY
This 13’s piquant, shows spirit and starts to galvanize every reviewer GINGER
This 13’s with bishop in alcove BABY
What’s played in part of Scotland? FIFE