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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,234 – May 24 2019

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Clues Answers
Ancient writer, close to ninety, brought in pedestal and reeled about PLINYTHEELDER
Crooked pair entering need to get cosmetics WARPAINT
Crowd start to rally in a symbol of peace DROVE
Dad’s holding up fizzy Cola drink ALCOPOP
Energetic Nicoise revolutionary embracing drive INCITE
Former statesman’s dismay following rogue casing hotel CHURCHILL
He’s abroad and on peak, carrying through dream to crack what’s unknown? EDMUNDHILLARY
Heather needs posh car when taking out male dish in Milan? LINGUINI
Impassive old Conservative admitted to joint UNEXCITED
In delight, soldier finds Scottish location GLENCOE
In the saddle, senior community separately returned to hunt PURSUE
Laurel and Hardy character might get this GEORGECROSS
Least confident bird bypassing mass on certain days of the year TIMIDEST
Long path’s edging drawn with stern authority PILGRIMSWAY
Meal that’s appreciated by Jack and fiancĂ©e on a regular basis TAJINE
News updates about corrupt iTunes being out of date? RUSTINESS
One-time designer of software avoiding type of driver PUGIN
Panda’s injury mark covering large muscle SQUADCAR
Particular sketch intensively read by Brad, say THUMBNAIL
Popular? I’m surprised work’s given to me! INMYBOOK
Referee’s essentially hard on one using teeth ARBITER
Remote country home in competition for fuel BENZINE
Second staple put on back of carpet TRICE
Settle for discussion in which place? Oxford maybe FOOTWEAR
The French academic’s deceived LEDON
Times editor leading with the same as the i? DOTTED
United’s latest goalkeeper? INONE
With son moving last, stand up for star group ARIES