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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,235 – May 28 2019

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Clues Answers
A quote recalled about old times in curious collection EXOTICA
Accommodating people from Usk initially trapped in 21 HELPFUL
Ancient line discovered in ordinary study OLDEN
Author to wait on female relatives might you say? CERVANTES
Bunting taken from door to landing ORTOLAN
Change direction having run through official legislation REFRACT
Desert Fox set time to surround men in capital route OXFORDSTREET
Exhausted old couple breaking vase OUTWORN
Fail to draw positive conclusion from Dante’s work? INFERNO
Fresh morning mist envelops road in settlement NEWAMSTERDAM
Hidden area in stone outbuilding STASHED
High-flyer communicates with it AIRSHIP
Home birds being those confined INTERNS
Hurry, then stop, ordered retired pundit STEPONTHEGAS
In tree see female insect FIREFLY
Irrepressible soldiers one found in quiet setting RESILIENT
Issue tender where an indefinite number held in New York NANNY
Places to broadcast mass medium production ECTOPLASM
Police officers fail to notice fire DISMISS
Provided in turn, in vessels, hot and cold food FISHANDCHIPS
Put striker through paces in longer game? TESTMATCH
Some seaman upset in difficult situation RATTRAP
Someone cruel near person taking us in MISUSER
Thick? Way beyond stupid, on reflection! MIDST
Trotter, wild, should go to the gallows in Bow? MUSTANG
Turned up Bible edition that is wide in scope PURVIEW
Very high temperature inside for water basin STOUP
Worker sent round takes in dress for Hindu empress TSARINA