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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,237 – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Advance without backup, say LOAN
Aggravate raw or sensitive bits WORSEN
Beam embraces sweetheart, chasing other’s heart next THEREAFTER
Bootlicking troops trailing officer SMARMY
Brown and olive almost describes a fabric DUNGAREE
Cheer welcoming city Conservative getting reduced constituency ELECTORATE
Country absolutely not embracing Republican NORWAY
Dissolute Frenchman rising to become stud? FASTENER
Film’s angle is regularly producing pictures IMAGES
Heavy metal’s first guitarist LEAD
In goal catching shot? On the contrary TRENDY
Legion of dead nearly stir with energy elevated NUMEROUS
Lift English vessel, in part lifted ELEVATOR
Make water pipe’s opening leak WEEP
Only just see following pub BARELY
Order twisted vagrant to keep distance, finally further MOREOVER
Overturned U-boat reportedly hunted in dock SUBTRACT
Retreat is a quiet ruin in retreat ASHRAM
Seasoning of salt since covered by sarnie’s filling TARRAGON
Slowest set pace holding up most fit APTEST
Spiteful bloke, not loveless, accepts rejected affection MALEVOLENT
Spotted grebe’s close circling river unruffled SERENE
Start to stride and take even paces STEP
Take off after ace right here? AIRSTRIP
Tell story about twice? TATTLE
Twist and Shout’s number two, breaking record WRITHE
Weak with crying with stomach heaving WATERY
Wicket bowler possibly cut taking nothing at all WHATSOEVER