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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,238 – May 31 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
A Southern place for layers? ASCOT
Best to turn up during dog show at Crufts? TRIAL
Camp Zulu stripped in silence GULAG
Chuck Berry’s fabulous jam? AIRGUITAR
Cloth clobber American bishop going West BATIK
Drink with a female, chasing almost ten nicker TEALEAF
Elephant’s foot roughly finding trunk TORSO
Gadabout tenor with Queen DRIFTER
Help to totter Crown, we hear? Checksum
Hint of yellow added into cooler shade of blue CYAN
Horribly punish one going on bender? KNEECAP
Kid’s hard, picked up fellers’ targets? HOAX
Last war’s ending advanced jolly old prof ARMAGEDDON
Many commuters forget it in traditional travelling TRAINLOAD
Masculine men brawl when weekend begins? TOMORROW
Owned, but with 100% mortgage? ALLOWED
Ozzie bouncer oh so wide ROOMY
Problem when shareholders’ meeting gets into papers QUAGMIRE
Retro version of curse in Red Dwarf? STAR
Revamped roads with green floral feature ROSEGARDEN
Show how you can make a rope ROCKOPERA
Sole occupant of vacant seaside mobile home? HERMITCRAB
Starter: Where’s Paris? Answer: __ __y INTRO
Transporter used for hot dog and fish meals SKATEBOARD
Tweet, greeting runs in competition CHIRRUP
United embroiled by unseemly suicidal drama ICLAUDIUS
Use soap and drier FLATTER
Vessel departs for South in pomp DHOW
Where (unspecifically) to find more information on leak? SEEPAGE
With Rome’s agreement, live song’s sent up here in Russia SIBERIA
Yikes, this patient could be unmistakeably sick AMBULANT
Yuck! Roman leader on bow is cut in two LURVE