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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,243 – Jun 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Balance tipping in bar billiards LIBRA
Bird a bit on edge PARTRIDGE
Black book offered at knock-down price, it’s inferred? SABLE
Certain demarcation BOUND
Copper’s work, remarkable ARRESTING
Down-and-out finds something to eat in drinking establishment BEGGAR
European character in a pub in part of California? ALPHA
Everton players initially entering in kit say, blue DEPRESSED
Females penning funny old sketches DOODLES
Flip over to dry fish TURBOT
Grenadier shot, looking at things again REREADING
Hands stick STAFF
Juice knocked back, have a go at cake PASTRY
Last drink, down it goes! BOTTOMSUP
Liquid in garage boxes for all to see, one can measure water RAINGAUGE
Met tides, as if at sea SATISFIED
More insolent English supporter BRASSIERE
Neanderthal comment by judge on Europeans, one seeking shelter REFUGEE
Old picture, very defining work TOPHAT
Old trousers on? Yes! AGREED
One in seven ignores a mean rule DYNASTY
One in ten, say, like vermouth DIGIT
One translated secret code for free UNPIN
Open beer perhaps carried out CANDID
Ordinal rewritten with tenet TWENTIETH
Pickled spread PLASTERED
Put on, then ushered off ADDLED
Standing supporter safe, as electric fences off EASEL
Step up then as wobbly HASTEN
Sticky on the road? Drag one’s feet TARRY
Two people, second character first BRACE
Understands gun in possession of woman GATHERS