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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,250 – Jun 21 2019

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Clues Answers
A Sound of Music retro production, initially shown in thespian circles OOMPAH
Beef stock in cooker, from five to ten OXEN
Casualty admits Rupert, having fallen in hole APERTURE
Dim pupil once taking time with exercise OBTUSE
Eric’s mate knocked back roll, holding onto key that belongs to car? ALTERNATOR
Floor covering someone pursued, rejecting cream mostly QUARRYTILE
Former athlete, losing sex appeal, in bar providing security UBOLT
Greek goddess, flanked by banks of Tigris in ancient city THEBES
Half of South African cricket club welcome trousers in green ZUCCHINI
Heard cry from golfer swinging towards section of wood FOURBYTWO
Image of thief running riot hard to remove EFIT
In very dry area, note regulars in ram-raid going after spirit KALAHARI
Like to probe those people over battle site THEALAMO
Method of presenting film in camera rolls CINERAMA
Number two of sergeants given case SEDATIVE
Old driver to praise quality of road LAUDA
Organised occasion with fish served late in day for Pope? EVENTIDE
Pianist has split pants in rock spoof THISISSPINALTAP
Racket flick ultimately might produce this DINK
Rose produces this extravagant ring OTTO
Shelf life primarily shown on rim LEDGE
Smell round side of lamppost affected where terrier potentially goes BOOTCAMP
Son wears leather, inspired by father — it’s in the blood PLASMA
Sort of aquaculture tutor trained to join force on inlet TROUTFARM
Stratagem to get staff to go to work MANOEUVRE
Sun maybe leading with article on US city, regardless of circumstances ANYDAY
The British and Irish cook odd fish WEIRDO
Using scornful language, artist’s upset by actors in charge SARCASTIC
Wolfgang’s agreed to pass port and wine RIOJA