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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,253 – Jun 27 2019

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
Acolyte retrospectively concerned with sin NOVICE
Ancient Egyptian city, virtually second to none THEBES
Boxers giving jabs round centre of midriff SHORTS
General charged without resistance taking charge initially ECLECTIC
Go to purchase an undergarment producing mockery TRAVESTY
Imprudent individual caught by this compiler’s work MYOPIC
Lone Conservative oddly in some error SOLECISM
Lookout dispatched message first to last SENTINEL
Lover’s tepid about pass OVERSTEP
Navigation chart describing island span PILOTAGE
One records group covering another group CASSETTE
Prepare force to overturn armadas FLEETS
Reportedly one could supply bargain basement CELLAR
Room in place containing miniature that’s mounted LEEWAY
Run down by one man in Ibiza? ISLANDER
Sat on the throne, we hear, and showered RAINED
Speed after group mostly in top speed ACCELERATE
Squalor of poor in line seems hollow FILTHINESS
Stages raised in part, so raised ROSTRA
Starts to crack open someone’s head employing sap COSHES
States with power careless consuming energy PREMISES
Stop assuming chimera’s exterior’s given new form RECAST
Stud perhaps more hasty hiding butt, almost FASTENER
The old left, more depressed and more cowardly YELLOWER
The woman’s chasing ultimate bottom! NETHER
The woman’s skill taking little time for love SWEETHEART
This answer isn’t stupid! CLUELESS
Withdrawal of English credit rejected in split RETIREMENT