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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,425 – Apr 24 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
Authoritarian head of athletics cancelling street dash FASCIA
Being convenient, make an advance towards head NEARNESS
Crouch keeps on about top-class shot at Old Trafford? SQUARECUT
Dirt from end of shoe found in lounge by son SLEAZE
Enjoy a particular version of golf intensely LIKECRAZY
Extremely concise celebration of cheese? BRIEFEST
Field day in the outskirts of Fermanagh? FLEADH
He perhaps needs part for water heater ELEMENT
Intersecting diagram contains one area somewhere in mid-Europe VIENNA
Jack has maybe forty-five minutes to fill in reflective passage for blog EJOURNAL
Leader of kids always raised stink REEK
Loosely scattered timber abandoned in all directions STREWN
Maestro obsessive maintains high speed during drive ANTONINDVORAK
Make a strenuous effort taking piano from specialist EXERT
Mate let extension that includes broadcasting service on TV TELETEXT
Mocking English father in short film falling over DERISIVE
Moderate intelligence talker regularly displayed GENTLE
One who reckons that Cockney lady’s a drunk? TOTTERER
Panelling, the centrepiece of Newark home, by Mackintosh perhaps WAINSCOT
Power of films beginning to transfix class of schoolkids? TYRONE
Property of fabric female gets to male cryptically thus? NONIRON
Remain after others leave relative to cross river STAYON
Rim on jar continually leaking latest booze from Spain RIOJA
Rower Redgrave, short of energy, I put on a sugar substitute STEVIA
Rude-sounding vocalist BASS
Siesta over, switched on the building in Rome PANTHEON
Some of Barnet gang joining obstruction RINGLET
Sports team’s horse making name quietly EQUIPE
The European fellows gossip in the City about former PM CLEMENTATTLEE
This person’s exhaust gets bunged up on M25 area gridlock IMPASSE