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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,428 – Apr 30 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 16 Across First person in Paris with exactly what can furnish 4 JEWS
‘Azardous bundle? ARMFUL
… regularly flaunt electronic means of creating 4? LUTE
Abandon security and barge head-down into custody JUMPBAIL
Agitation that’s hidden under a skirt? BUSTLE
American maker of 4 admits of no failing FATSDOMINO
Bulging in vessel with careless nurseryman not near ANEURYSM
Can returning injured ace in Spanish city … VALENCIA
Castilian consort is a ringer, leader in abbey ISABELLA
Change in reformed spy, becoming contributor to 4 PSALTERY
Consider underwear, perhaps, to advance at court? TAKESILK
Distinguished and crotchety, perhaps? OFNOTE
Gay’s left in Sierra (the setter’s) SPORTIVE
High note in mist sounded higher than unhallowed 18ac, in short? HARMONIC
Mark, ex officio, consented to being a source of 4 FLAGEOLET
Maureen’s first among arrivals to imbibe one’s Buck’s fizz MIMOSA
Mishap where Oscar takes over lead in ‘Sunset Point’ OCCIDENT
Pall shrinking around lake CLOY
Parrots mostly move round in South Island — note to be written up IMITATORS
Plain destitution unveiled OVERT
Provider of 4 dispatched round hub of hoverport SERPENT
Regular incomes peter out into small gratuities STIPENDS
See 1 Across HARP
Set out what platelayers do MAKETRACKS
Tea service article on the counter ASSAM
Too much din and fuss swirling around English movie THESOUNDOFMUSIC
Van IRA commandeered smuggles from the south component of 4 OCARINA
Virtuous woman’s street name mentioned STMONICA
Wine kept in extension finally made mine EXCAVATE