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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,429 – May 1 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 11 Across Ominous disaster signs from the outset like, say, 5 and 19? DISTRESS
& 8 Across Every shot informed arbitrators about staff security — mass bail-out needed! (3,5,2,3,5) ALLHANDSTO
Chap carrying 75% of cargo in top-notch vehicle AMBULANCE
City bar panels of wood work in theatre BELMOPAN
Condition escalated on discharge FIRE
Cryptic compilers Mr Stephenson at first fails to keep in order POLICE
Deep sea fish BASS
First wife, possibly not welcome when turning up, sold overseas EXPORTED
Gold violin cases nearly closed a road in Italy AUTOSTRADA
How sharp is this partner’s second reminder, about to beat clubs ACUTANCE
I need assistance this time MAYDAY
In Munich, a mug? Not I EINSTEIN
In need of a lift, in the main? ATSEA
Love opening fixture with teams depleted? NONEVENT
Operate a cam internally to follow a course of lunch? ALIMENTARYCANAL
Paradise Regained (everyone’s content after reverse) EDEN
Run rings around barbecue? OUTDO
Screening rate of movement doctor may see breathing problem EMPHYSEMA
See 14 Down THEPUMPS
See 24 Across SIGNALS
Something to blow series of forgotten rock’n’rollers from the ground CORNETTO
Square one for each service option herein? NINE
Standard staff supply of legal paraphernalia at induction FLAGPOLE
Standing guard over base, left like Sondheim’s clowns? SENTINEL
The mesmeric musician Vangelis is stupefying SVENGALI
Toy dog, perhaps, that’s hanging loose? LAPPET
Unusually diverse times blocking need for it? SEXDRIVE
Warning: its usual partner will have egg on face BEACON
What beasts have done time … here? DUNGEON