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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,489 – Aug 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 22 Down With the arts, sort to utter usual clever truth? CULTURE
& 5 Down They may help US companies going bust shelve a per cent CHAPTER
… here’s another tea towel — last bits bound to turn up PAELLA
Bone’s not a strange place in which to find doodlebug PELVIC
Clubs around which a lot love merry-making — they won’t want this enforced! LOCALVETO
Come quickly with rotating balls ROLLON
Dishonest winner of hide-and-seek knockout! LOOKER
Enjoying luxury, it seems, reclining couple begin sunscreening? CLOUDOVER
Feeling around a fleshy bit HAUNCH
French commune hall carved not entirely with intricacy CHARLEVAL
Leaving last ones floundering, evacuate old vessel AUTOCLAVE
Letter and word game — endless twists PSI
Nothing in indirect tax collected, causing serious amusement? LEVITY
Of a mind to stop these items being read aloud in funny voice OCCLUSIVE
Oh, well said, for one that is to rear of office CESTLAVIE
One dish cloth ready for use … RAGOUT
Pope’s blessed ashes initially located fittingly by door of vestry URBANV
President’s plain sweets that have reduced wrapping CLEVELAND
Requisition just cut CRYHALVES
Reserve atomic energy stores ICE
See 19 Across VULTURE
See 20 Across ELEVENS
Sex that’s jaw-dropping in family of ladybirds CLAVICORN
Talk without limits, like one in a pod? PEA
Thatcher’s return embodies very empty folly VANITY
To go short in pounds results from division CLEAVAGES
To show cunning, pair never meeting at bar (one’s drained his neat) BOXCLEVER
Turning over cases primarily national and international? RENVOI
Victual supply not the heart of the farm? CULTIVATE
Welcome side-splitting 1960s court favourite AVE
What’s Pavlov’s number two collected in assorted vials? SALIVA
Who let this ailurophile loose? THEOWL