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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,493 – Aug 21 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
Agreement of Russian dynasty covers small and large-scale analysis of information DATAMINING
Bold character in Odyssey, intrepid after losing first love CHIVALROUS
Brilliant old man arrests craven one DASTARD
Butt in middle of ashtray held by old boy with no manners OBTRUDE
Changing beliefs as virus spreads in water PERSUASIVE
Fantastic NHS: one has to applaud nursing association CLANSHIP
Force to drop name in part for play PEERGYNT
French priest’s regular contributions to war babies ABBE
Grain plant’s former boss in Philippines keeping head down QUINOA
Happy with adult breaking sullen daughter’s unfair rule DOUBLESTANDARD
Incorporating cupped shape, extremely dull street lamps use this SODIUM
Is supposed to put in run, one originally managed by editor developing a hunch? ROUNDSHOULDERED
Join in currencies from Macao, Turkey and Japan as has been said AVOWEDLY
Less prepared to cross lake with tons on boat TRAWLER
Loose skin lost importance with weight in rolls DEWLAP
Man, possibly to waste time, taking son for the day ISLE
Pay for porcini as told by strongarm contractor? BICEPS
Place something fabricated on uniform LIEU
Questionable attitude NUS bans, wanting a fact check? UNSUBSTANTIATED
Rebuffed, continues to be coquettish, ignoring feminine facial feature NOSTRIL
Sent off, does the man remain in team? BANISHED
Slight loss of area from incomplete shield INSULT
Some in puzzledom’re pushing to bring back expert poser SUPERMODEL
Stay outside America, while away SUSPEND
The first Stateside anti-drug agency’s purpose IDEA
To make very hard dish inventor hollowed fireclay PETRIFY
Turn of theatre school to hold opening, about to provide card with series of them? ADVENTCALENDAR
Wrong righted, not seeing the back of flag waver DITHER