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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,499 – Sep 2 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
At home, sat mock, previously unwilling INDISPOSED
Beats first pair up for charity ALMS
Bring about prime spots for timepieces before lake IMPEL
British space vessel with provisions for storage BROOMCUPBOARD
Brooding giant oddly destroyed island into bananas INCUBATION
Brown meets President, almost showing rage TANTRUM
Buck maybe takes two seconds when rising on holiday RECESSED
Drink and a piece of cake first KEFIR
Fine linen in two-thirds of university clubs CAMBRIC
Fuss over political party getting tense result in ADDUPTO
Impersonate party animal no longer DODO
In small functions, remove ties STANDOFFS
Lout turning up in audition put a stop to One Direction, perhaps BOYBAND
Making small cocktail of martini, using bottled Asti at the end MINIATURISING
Member gets over state of uncertainty LIMBO
Mother left animal MAMMAL
Out-of-the-way direction taken by channel-hopper REMOTECONTROL
Performance in once jazzy musical composition NOCTURNE
Receipts over year involving new team GATEMONEY
Religious houses bar one good — astonishing! PRODIGIOUS
Soldiers pull round to enter towers REGULARS
Squeezes cycling crew between leaders in team’s new set-up TIGHTENS
Start prison disturbance STIR
Subject’s temperature dropped about eye OPTIC
The setter’s stomach rejects large drink IMBIBE
Useless section of welding is rejected IDLE
Wages restored. Profits start after this PAYBACKPERIOD
You might get this straight from throne in Buckingham Palace? ROYALFLUSH