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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,517 – Oct 2 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
Actor’s reportedly regal house, rural one on river STEWARTGRANGER
Anita up escarpment welcomes shade TAUPE
Artist’s base unknown in French resort virtually CEZANNE
Busy worker holds quiz on cruise as deck entertainment? BEZIQUE
Core muscle, with miles gone, stretched by character in Marathon NUCLEUS
Eastern mate defends daughter, a spiky thing ECHIDNA
Flier left in jacket: latest offerings from Balti restaurant COALTIT
Footwear of sibling changing hands before American race and training run BROTHELCREEPER
Golf club filling in trap RANDA
Highly decorated troops rejected non-fighter repeatedly ROCOCO
Hold-up by accessory? This might boost porridge dished out EXTRAJAM
John cheers oratorio CANTATA
Just over ten kilometres before ecclesiastical section KNAVE
Leon is here to stay in Ireland, Liam’s heartland IBERIA
Local one in square UNHIP
Managed OK with cracker — cut another bakery item ROCKCAKE
Mint tea without sugar, the ultimate posh drink COINTREAU
Opening mimic about to admit loveless tour APERTURE
Playwright calling for lawyer before start of dispute THEBARD
Polish guards behave adversely investigating vehicle SCOUTCAR
Pop voice hosting jolly TV series DADSARMY
Quantity of beer drunk? Time for last of soft cheese QUART
Reptile’s fear understood when picked up PTEROSAUR
Sat maybe on call, peak time HEYDAY
So to speak Italian in response, knight wanted guide’s backing ASITWERE
Something vegetarian from Korea, unusually involving shrimp ARTICHOKE
Swimmer regularly at sea (Torbay) TETRA
Warden back in charge getting work unit into shape CONCIERGE
Windows once put in Kerry’s place, perish EXPIRE
Wine tipped over on last word, needing Tippex? AMENDER