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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,520 – Oct 8 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 17 Across Like scorer of try, one going round to keep things moving BALL
‘Assassin in Japan’ covers it NINJA
All express disapproval of appeal being overturned TUTTI
American in diner’s ordered fish SARDINE
Between east and west coast cities we find a species of antelope NYALA
Break into song — but you won’t raise the roof in this kind of venue! OPENAIR
Chinese man’s best friend has university pursuing his revolutionary ‘How to Zoom for Beginners’ SHIHTZU
Congressman produced fake news, made comeback REPLIED
Cutting answer bringing up nothing good AXING
During summer month, Russian flower’s opening INAUGURAL
Given lager, drunk’s making the most of the situation LEVERAGING
I clean out wound and protect from disease INOCULATE
Illegally take web address over, cracking digital access code PURLOIN
In favour of Ukrainian government’s detaining of Russian composer PROKOFIEV
Keen sense of hearing catching ends of dying note EAGER
Member of Doves joins Mud — disc released to be hit CLAYPIGEON
One having two pints outside home before start of extended period of isolation QUARANTINE
Overdose on wine after serving up more rum ODDER
Part of plant insect recycled LEAF
Print of ruined, disused lighthouse outside Knock LITHOGRAPH
Reformed prisoner, with term discharged, enlists ROPESIN
Reverse farm vehicle bearing scrap TRACE
Saw Blackburn player perhaps going into lead PROVERB
See 6 Across BEARING
Settle around Skye, perhaps to make cloth PAISLEY
Sickly — to conserve energy, adjust diet WEAN
Something to be taken late in the morning EXAM
Sought to reform media AIMED
Stop supporting paper record of event logged digitally TIMESTAMP
Towards the top, it’s on either side of right and left, and it smells NOSTRIL
Two odours in timeshare possibly equine MUSTANG
Without a scratch — not hard when opponent is this? UNARMED