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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,521 – Oct 9 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 18 Across Reason for securing airfields? LANDING
& 19 Down Exchange online giants Massenet, Brahms & Liszt? INSTANT
‘Our Father Time/Who art a weather vane/Hallowed be thy ground …’? THELORDSPRAYER
A lax body — most common in mums — during surgery, finally tucked up? ABDOMINOPLASTY
Advice about border wind up southern range THEMENDIPS
Anthropophagic, it’s a wild and wicked beast TASMANIANDEVIL
Between five and 50, this palm would be essential ITA
City Bank failing to appoint head of RBC ELY
Crude hire covers University of Little Enlightenment RUDIMENTAL
Express delivery part of its service? PAPERROUND
German river leading, in essence, to Cologne, do we hear? ODER
Monster really will sacrifice wings to be human ERR
Naked logic exploited failing — Kirk didn’t see adversaries using it CLOAKINGDEVICE
No alfresco party to ruin! DOIN
Order of Mammalia yielding religious figure (not lama) IMAM
Perhaps Idomeneo and Flavio hope to undress before Overture to Swan Lake OPERESERIE
Quirk of taxing Formula One scrap, keeping heat right up FISCALDRAG
Returning student doctor not entirely the same IDEM
Scandinavian heptad, now deserted by leader of eight SVEN
See 17 Across GROUNDS
See 4 Down MESSAGE
See fencing exercise scratching face? It shouldn’t EPEE
Some relief from the rants of Mad John Bull? ENGRAVINGS
Some uttered an expression of relief AFEW
The writer’s prudish, having exposed adult book licence IMPRIMATUR
Volume: a pretty tiny novel within a novel VANITYFAIR
With regular saves on field, no goals NIL
You’ll see this man, initially cornered in board meeting, rip off flier ROOK