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The Telegraph TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,522 Oct 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
Airlines flying over the capital of an island SAINTHELIER
Asian island is encapsulated by order and loyalty among people TRIBALISM
Attacking an opponent’s character made him no different ADHOMINEM
Attend religious area with Democrat, get exhausted GOTOSEED
Bad thing the head of a certain police department did? RANCID
Basic dwelling with one good toilet IGLOO
Bird about to go north, then north-east ERNE
Bishop reportedly also comprehends a number of foreign languages BANTU
Clubs said to embrace hard type of music CHORAL
Cocktail served as ‘cider’ SIDECAR
Daughter has strange time getting tattoo DRUMBEAT
Departs from a city somewhere in South Africa DURBAN
Direct official accompanying the Queen REFER
Excellent medicine fixed up with a strong drink DEMERARA
Flirtatious relationship ultimately destroyed marriage DALLIANCE
Grand chat about, for example, a rising emotional burden? BAGGAGE
Having no lead, gendarme awkwardly called again RENAMED
In first place, although really only maybe by a nose AROMA
Info obtained from small markings on the skin STATS
It comes out about right, resulting in a chilling disturbance ICESTORM
Layer of paint that is soft at the edges and faded in the extreme WASHIEST
Long-distance craft sank at the front, taking sailors with it STARSHIP
Oil companies finally accepting international sanctions FIATS
Old actor steals papers revealing the timing of a Shakespeare play MIDSUMMER
One giant, messy denial NEGATION
Perfectionist rejected best stuff from time to time FUSSPOT
Senior writer rebuffed rubbish, incomplete concept EDITOR
Slough is quiet and expected to be evacuated SHED
Union-related crimes involving great female friends abroad? BIGAMIES
Wait and offer to buy everyone a pint? Standaround