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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,545 – Nov 20 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 11 Across Were attractive buttocks one result of playing 9 25? CAUGHT
& 23 Across Gathering in lobby, angry historians question 9 25 (5,1,2,5,1) SHALLI
& 25 Across Working on an unforced error, City hit it here? (2,3,8,2,11) INTHECORRIDOR
15 ducks blocking mountain pass ALLEYOOP
As corrupted witness implied? GOTAT
Common example of e.g. Liszt’s output, being piano virtuoso OPENSPACE
Drought location ruined barbie, so Spooner phoned to say? DUSTBOWL
Dry sparkling white? Not in favour SECCO
Extremely silly Slimefest brought to premature end GOOFIEST
Have uprising in prison, one result of playing 9 25? OWNGOAL
In what’s upsetting to Arab hearts repeatedly skipping a beat THROB
Inspiring science graduate can habitually take hash LOBSCOUSE
It may trim a beard — or a raw nerve! AWNER
M. Fleetwood’s bandmate gets edgy playing 9 25? SNICKS
Merseyside town’s good deal on the black market? BOOTLEG
Noble robes of ermine, perhaps, but right denied for wigging EARFUL
Novel by Shaw and older books bound to get a place, at least BOTHWAYS
Observer’s angle reported as ‘a bit much … lacking basics of language, sadly’ AZIMUTH
People looking to take this in tower will be 1? EYEFUL
Perennial chart-topper, not always poetical, opening up TREEONION
Prepared cycles — and look at my profile when I’m on one! EGOTRIP
Say where A-T or Z-V are leading the solver’s decision! UPTOYOU
See 1 Across BEHIND
See 12 Across ORSHANTI
Try-ons unexpectedly involving female? YFRONTS
Where could you study hard while absorbing historic European capital? SORBONNE
With IDs falsified, Telegraph employees 1 Across! WIDTHWISE