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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,611 – Mar 18 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
A soft touch, Henry, gutless, showing disinclination to engage APATHY
Amplify a lot of stuff presented in two forms of English ENLARGE
Biting currents one repeatedly dives into ACIDIC
Bloomer made by a doctor in Welsh town MARIGOLD
Country fellow cutting into odd parts of twenty trees THICKET
Curtailed search risked overlooking a county area HUNDRED
Deviously enter election with a Democrat breaking this international agreement ENTENTECORDIALE
Disney film enthusiast sat up with Pixar regularly FANTASIA
Feasible to get support that’s blocking of the Speaker in government MONARCHY
Fool securing Times opening ABYSS
Gossiping, excluding source of latest fabrication? TATTING
In Paris, the men from there used in support reflected difficult decision DILEMMA
Incitement to war: assault involving 50, then 100 BATTLECRY
Intermittent springs? Small amount supplied without hesitation SPASMODIC
Is about to participate in party dancing DISCO
Mixed messaging from the Italian Tourist Board? SEENAPLESANDDIE
No front-line soldiers hit the bottle DRANK
Party over, that fellow and the writer will make for opera LABOHEME
Prisoner heading for that bar, providing evidence of flight CONTRAIL
Repair includes care for headless puppet CREATURE
Scoundrel quiet about independent source of yellow dye CADMIUM
Setter’s view depends on this? I don’t believe it MYEYE
Small quantity of salt, say, when eating a vegetable SPINACH
Staff not left empty, given a meal POLENTA
Take position over Schubertian article or multiple Schubertian articles LIEDER
Telegraph’s leader bracketed by articles and letter THETA
Understand end of austerity receives wonderful joy GAIETY
University and so on backed intended answers defending copyright ACADEMIA
Vicar not in, and having no time for someone spurning the collection plate? MISER
Way of training students variously in production of opera taking year ROLEPLAY