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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,614 – Mar 24 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
… after capture of constituency for example causes dispute GAINSAY
Anticipate primary school class perhaps being overheard FORESEE
Blatant fraud is admitted by retiring faculty head and university UNASHAMED
Brown shrew in Padua said to inhabit the countryside RUSTICATE
Complex diagrams covering start of route for carnival MARDIGRAS
Composer from Switzerland, exceptional type, good person to have around SCHUBERT
Cry of bird beginning to hover above HOWL
Curb others having shower ahead of time RESTRAINT
Dish from Wiltshire’s left out to cook IRISHSTEW
Dressing up in escape shows wisdom SAPIENCE
Egg producers, individuals in a company under no pressure LAYERS
Entertainment venue, extremely ambivalent visiting that place THEATRE
Female erupts with anger about husband — that’s flipping official SHERIFF
Girls regularly hosted by party animals in residence DOMICILE
Mature actor, the one presented with the Oscar? VICTOR
MP, possibly a Brit, called more corrupt … LIBERALDEMOCRAT
New musical coming up that’s local NATIVE
Outside rear of greenhouse, sticks to support the French beans, maybe LEGUMES
Prickly shrub old comedy actor cut back BRIER
Right into fine starter of aubergine or other vegetable OKRA
Set off, forgetting meeting in school ETON
Shows embarrassment in places socialists frequent? REDDENS
Slight pessimism in orthopaedic nurses MINOR
Some like ones here, most deem them rude FOURLETTERWORDS
Spontaneously films port of Maputo at intervals, adding Uganda’s capital IMPROMPTU
Strained muscle, ultimately, that stops tennis shot INTENSE
Streaming out of revolutionary Hanoi, suffering to some extent EFFUSION
Tears over article anticipating pound’s decrease in value SPIRAL
This setter’s virtually undoubted to get better! IMPROVE
Worry sweet dog’s been stolen FRET