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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,616 – Mar 26 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
& 16 Down Where order is now martial, might it effect a turnaround? MARRIAGE
& 19 Down What elements of breathed air finally produce with one-to-one mixing? NITROGEN
, 14 Down & 25 Down Minister left perched on the end of my toilet seat LORD
Abandon visitor from afar in a variety of joints JETTISON
Annual review of pay forgetting the old man Elgar? No! YEARLONG
Black suit function taken over by a supplier of fizz CLUBSODA
Bloody frisky goat, a spirited and saucy type! BRANDYBUTTER
Charge lifted, released from custody FREE
Cunning snares heading off cove taking money given to slaver SLOBBERY
Face the sound of pop PHIZ
Hosanna! Your motet noted in worthy mnemonic? HYMN
I realised the great potential of rubber ALADDINSLAMP
Key to Telegraph Records Library initially kept in fine crack THIGHSLAPPER
Nothing weeded out from around border ABUT
Oscar and Tony say action is needed to cut bills AWARDS
Pointer for one lecturing on ecdysis of snake? LASERPEN
Quotients worked out by University on _____? IQTEST
Roughly, do you understand what I’m saying is rather scandalous? JUICY
See 5 Down PRIVY
See 5 Down SEAL
Tap glass for refreshment at 10:59:59? LASTGASP
The keys to knowledge are nature and time, he thought KANT
Two records one in Rome opens and one in Washington concludes EPILOG
Vomitory rejected delicately embroidered article? EMETICAL
What sequencing of heritage needs? GENE
What we must play off and on to a balding captain? OBLIGATI
When there’s no ale left, it’s time to admit defeat! THEBITTEREND
Where Wolfe famously fought the French about nothing CANADA