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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,620 – Apr 2 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
Acting like China, welcoming European in insipid fashion PALELY
Agreed over experience surrounding single male OFONEMIND
Aim to block attempt to get in TRENDY
Almost ruin modern housing around 13 WOODEN
Bishop with sixth sense combed uncovered spot BESPECKLE
Blasphemer, alderman, just a bit green EMERALD
Blokes curse boxers et al MENSWEAR
Combine cold beers with retro environmental packaging COALESCE
Confuse at least the weekend broadcast DAZE
Extremely agreeable concession for one who told tales AESOP
Flashing when naked is a piece of cake PARKIN
Gate with card entry deactivated WICKET
Hell to write, breaking through dark as necessary INDISPENSABLE
In which a Callas cast? LASCALA
Instrument __ gong with hole in it OBOE
Jail in which you’d chill out COOLER
Made into brass about to get cast CASHED
Mark date for operating on thighs? DARKMEAT
Mature draftee will have done so Joinedup
Official seat left after court fire WOOLSACK
One insect let loose after another BEETLE
One won’t turn up to eat without coming back NOSHOW
Refinement, maybe, in English weapon ELEGANCE
Senior copper drives round, missing intelligence STUPID
Signs of tuition recently breaking records LPLATES
Sod’s Law __ I’ve let out unsubstantiated info OLDWIVESTALES
Tough guy inviting female interpretation? IRONMAN
Unintroduced loan shark is more confident SURER
Want to enter tower just above Wellington? KNEEDEEP
Was mum perhaps torn between dad and, ultimately, love child? Parented