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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,622 – Apr 7 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Trajan’, Glyndebourne somewhat discordant JANGLY
9 possibly led before own goal GUIDEDOG
American dad left former partner Amy finally in fit of infuriation APOPLEXY
Annual yen for audio novel? YEARBOOK
Busy hospital with heads of Intensive Care covering up shock therapy HECTIC
Connected with Lawrence after endless brandy COGNATE
Contemplative individual sacrificing some time for one seeking compromise MEDIATOR
Curse mazy dribbles in commentary JINX
Dress carried back home, eventually ENROBE
Embedded deeply advanced starch FARINA
Etcher regularly cut brilliant Ancient Greek heroine THRACE
Follow the introduction of Ottoman governor OBEY
Harbour property unlit QUAY
Impounded returning English vicar got the shakes QUIVERED
Inter __ again! __ beginning to roast East Lancs side REBURY
Item worn by Madonna in French Canadian region? LABRADOR
Knight, having entered, toppled over as he did when knighted KNEELED
Leaders sacked in bent city body ENTITY
Look, Derek! A pavilion! GAZEBO
New mission to support military commander in victory CONQUEST
Opening profit on NYSE? WINDOW
Please stop Pelham obstructing rule of law ESTOPPEL
Portico, very hot, fringing Europe’s foremost golf club VERANDAH
Reed, not broken, oddly trimmed OBOE
Sounds like Connery’s lost the place for his Embassy! ASHTRAY
South American banker that’s unpopular in the High Street? AMAZON
Spent too much with extra flat outside northmost bit of Islington OVERPAID
Stats about fine retired plane DAKOTA
Swinger (promiscuous person) cuddling large female GOLFER
Unwound broadcast after change of axis RELAXED
Warning when throwing Spooner’s fatty, slimy stuff? GARDYLOO
Where to spot a milestone, incidentally BYTHEWAY