The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,686 – Jul 28 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Admittedly worked hard having change of heart GRANTED
Attack in Tulsa dispersed by retired South American ASSAULT
Australian state initially provided for orphaned child WAIF
Business Republican will visit within Springfield, perhaps INDUSTRY
Denial of eating nuts individual left unfinished NEGATION
Distinguished bowler briefly is worn by very old composer DVORAK
Encourage doctor to discharge child URGE
Extra from EastEnders broadcast creates excitement FERVOUR
Fashion-obsessed Ivor parading somewhat revolutionary outfits PROVIDES
Forensic evidence found in lodging-house, according to criminal KIDNAPPER
Fruit left behind is something highly prized PEARL
Lively deliveries essentially following start of play ACTIVE
Mint coin, sovereign maybe PENNYROYAL
Note parent admits also supporting more cycling MEMORANDUM
Oddly cheap current furniture keeps being satisfactory ACCEPTABLE
On reflection, son, 24, accepting booing ref regularly is appalling EGREGIOUS
Organ introduction dropped from musical LIVER
Papal authority in Cavan, it disintegrated VATICAN
Point of banquet without starter? EAST
Puts down two vessels, worried over breakages ultimately SUBJUGATES
Religious follower elected to quit order DISCIPLE
Reveal it’s tricky adapting to different tasks VERSATILE
Saw Bill cycle ADAGE
Sound of a French mother, advanced in years UNDAMAGED
Textile worker said to be dreadful DIRE
Upset, unfortunately, about Strictly’s opening dance SALSA
Vacuous types, say, with papers to take up and absorb DIGEST
Watch close to Inuit agitated polar bears PATROL
Where account may be kept of politician’s election slogan? BUILDINGSOCIETY

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