The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,690 – Aug 4 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Aphrodisiac sets Roy off OYSTERS
Business scaling fry up? TROUTFARM
Element of attack happening by air RADON
Exercising aplomb when eating starter of crispy hot cutlet LAMBCHOP
Fitted up celebrated Republican on board FRAMED
Football team’s filthy lucre corrupted ex-ref HULLCITY
Giuseppe’s first story about old ice cream GELATO
He presses all the right buttons (having a mind like a sewer!) HABERDASHER
Horrid and nasty, terribly up itself SPITEFUL
I’m so aroused in fancy lace underwear CAMISOLE
In Paris, I have left holiday escape at the Bastille? JAILBREAK
Military operation ordered second row in BLOCKADE
Model star Ms Thurman’s visiting home of tigers SUMATRA
My iron forge melting contents of large Dorset fortification CORFECASTLE
Plant small flower over heather SEEDLING
Politician runs article featured in defamation LIBERAL
Salad of fig, ham and lettuce that’s popular in Covent Garden? TheMagicFlute
Senior bowled Henry out regularly OLDER
Somewhere on the Med, buried in west-facing chapel lies Rameau MARSEILLE
Son having a nap outside pub yard in birthday suit, soaking wet SKINNYDIPPING
Spoiled skinned fish ANGLE
Stand-in student copper discovered bomb outside LOCUM
Supporter hit part of car’s cooling system FANBELT
Tempt California actress Angelina out of Italy CAJOLE
The Spanish spirit, a character unloved by Greeks ELGIN
Tricked husband (a lecturer) HADON
Underhand dealer’s vehicle key? CARDSHARP
Wild boy, married, that hurts wild girl without resistance MOWGLI

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