The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,691 – Aug 5 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
An ancient more primitive love affair AMOUR
Bad European function SINE
Book on cycling was clean SWAB
Competition adapted garden gnome’s cap, making end of pompom round EGGANDSPOONRACE
Confrontation both sides of divorce intended DEFIANCE
Crook runs away — suspect Den has to agree a deal SHAKEHANDS
Detective essentially quizzing a Hawaiian, perhaps PIZZA
Dig entertaining love film — it’s lyrical POETRY
Discover pencil pusher giving away American code ENCIPHER
Don’t change this without set-back during work — hurry STEPONIT
Exciting novel out about international development EVOLUTION
Firm returning some gadget a nit’s bought OBSTINATE
George V and Edward VIII and maybe, Prince Michael of Kent GRANDSON
Hide point of heroin needle — it can support one’s habit COATHANGER
Higher direct debit for very quiet milk supplier UDDER
Horny material in W. H. Auden’s introduction upset Nobel committee ultimately WHALEBONE
In retirement, occasionally, spouse insults garage job TUNEUP
Initially old puzzles appear quite unusual, even cryptic OPAQUE
Kylie originally sang all but the opening — a flipping gold disc follows for this iconic Australian KANGAROO
Looked into beginning to date after kiss on new year XRAYED
Merseyside’s first safari park starting to change focus rapidly ZOOM
One man cuts film out — losing all extreme characters — and finally appreciates Finding Nemo’s craft NAUTILUS
Perhaps automatic starter sounded buff KHAKI
Rope lassoing display of cowboy skill, mostly getting rusty CORRODED
Ruin unloved folk instrument with interminable rock guitar BANJAX
Scaremonger to skip eating refined butter JITTERBUG
Seabird circling key tropical plant TREEFERN
Seat getting lower at one end according to the notes SOFA
You and I take no time with new exhaust WEAKEN

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