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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,694 – Aug 11 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
A girl, last character coming forward to hold small dances SALSAS
A leak in which litres may come out ASLEEP
Agreement to have nothing charged for instrument ACCORD
All may cry, endlessly troubled? Hard to keep ‘teary’ LACHRYMAL
Article about one old African leader providing health supplement THIAMINE
Aspirations to accommodate sailors with very good instruments HORNPIPES
Bandage the fellow after sharp blow SWATHE
Behave badly in aerobatic display? ACTUP
Big bird, say, that has upset old man, getting in way MEGAPODE
Country name given to an inhabitant of the Midwest INDIANAN
Dealing with a seaman, providing internal support APROPOS
Dress up, as you might say — a requirement before the wedding? PRENUP
Eccentric theologian entertained by old boy meeting everyone ODDBALL
Iron is one of those heat-emitters in the home? ELEMENTS
Is oblivious to Italian ladies first to last IGNORES
Joiner-in given role here in Paris with quartet starting Christmas show PARTICIPANT
Latin masters’d let fly — if Cicero’s passage were this? MISTRANSLATED
Notice one organisation we have left getting the last word ADIEU
Novel combination available in pub-restaurant? CAKESANDALE
Outer layer of disintegrating comet flipping hot inside? ECTODERM
Reported claim of captain destroying enemy ship — something giving sailors security? ICEANCHOR
Soldiers shouting possibly when receiving a command ORDAIN
Son in jest out of control? SKIDDING
Special treat, then, is very poor Tenthrate
Superior group of islands, UK, maybe getting prior access? Delusion! HALLUCINATION
Wail of female singer rising at start of event ULULATE
What’s not mainstream — popular before getting to fade away INDIE
Writer and priest and where to find him ELIOT