The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,695 – Aug 12 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Abandoned, showed behind, taking a run MAROONED
Authoritarian abuse over the French right STICKLER
Beam accepts endless argument for sanction RATIFY
Bottom of the French class? DERRIERE
Clueless character losing head over harangue IGNORANT
Dance in buff __ desperate man gets fit FANDANGO
Detective’s men reportedly in plain clothes? DISGUISE
Embraces embracing sweetheart causing complaints GRIPES
Foreign Office? BUREAU
Hand is redundant without ship NEEDLE
Initially Manchester United retains single stand arena MILIEU
It’s left controlling local political system REPUBLIC
Most cracked crackpot concealing iffiness occasionally DAFFIEST
On table, plan to swallow European drink CHARTREUSE
Pain from pang in arm? ANGINA
Repugnant to the French in new accommodation NAUSEATING
Rogue revolted vocally being put inside IMPRISON
Rough diamonds seen in charge OFFICE
Salvation of one bitten by large cat LIFELINE
Slow time in last day RETARD
Soldiers trail army strike in retreat PARATROOPS
Stand almost excessively behind catching Queen TOLERATE
Turned east, beginning to dither, went west EDDIED
United from inside target nicely turned INTEGRATED
Using rod, possibly getting river fish POLING
Warning shot leads to surrender FOREGO
What’s coming from plug hole? ADVENT
Wine container preferably passed round church SCHOONER

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