The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,697 – Aug 17 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
& 13 Across A felo-de-se interpreted anew with this book THE
Almost choke CO? GAS
Ambassador, eschewing seriousness in promotions, beams HEADLIGHTS
Bush with sharp spines: son lost much blood GORE
Choosy MP to marry concealing sign all is not well? SYMPTOM
Condemn prattle that’s involved a setter? PORTLANDCEMENT
Currently employed — success impossible here? NOWINSITUATION
Doing away with swimming in big shoal ABOLISHING
Dream about restraining one drunk fighting civilians MILITIA
Dull at home: primitive desires appearing after drink INSIPID
Dupin’s alter ego in Silk Road city ignoring a character SAND
Fierce creature? A broken down thing wanting closure CROC
Film at the start cut results in failure FLOP
Follow suit with thrust: that precedes victory in court MATCHPOINT
For Inquisition the One Priest ELI
German booze stand at wake BIER
Husband given arsenic suffers HAS
Idiots initially loiter without point in a perfect world IDEALLY
Imbue wordplay with a twist to keep learner rising in standard UPWARDLYMOBILE
Machine offering notes to people in street? PERSONALSTEREO
Makes use of blade with Excalibur almost put back? ROWS
Old instrument that thief makes off with reportedly? LUTE
Prolific singer likely to publicise work by The Killers? SUPERGRASS
See 12 Across ODESSAFILE
Succeeded making provision to screen First of the Few SCATTERING
There’s nothing in watering-hole for wild swine BOAR
Time to elude poor old American native INDIGENOUS
Yours truly is to continue without single idea IMPRESSION

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