The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,698 – Aug 18 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Best do what in Spain and run? CONQUER
Better line developed for fish CAPELIN
Call island hosting head of production SKYPE
Cars obtained from group journalists, according to Spooner HATCHBACKS
Charges with gas main from the east must incorporate value AERATES
City giving initially profitable savings scheme PISA
Feature of bathroom offering tarry bottom of seat? BIDET
Formal document incorporating a copyright stamp CHARACTER
Increase needed to cover fish supplement SURCHARGE
Intended to finish early, being tight MEAN
It’s not cricket trousers worn here BELOWTHEBELT
Maybe queen should have expensive French slip? CATCHER
Naval unit die in action, being so old ANTEDILUVIAN
Nothing may be seen in nasty thin material VOILE
Perennial work in field accepted by group of brothers FRITILLARY
Pick up in a way that’s touching AGAINST
Poorly cow in house for what reason? HOWCOME
Question commonly asked about unfamiliar shooter’s weapon? UZI
Receive interest ENTERTAIN
Recruits may see drinking vessel perhaps employed by eco-politicians GREENHORNS
Reminding both sides to drop out of sport in winter CUING
Reservation often securing such accommodation TEPEE
Simple couple coming across very sad PLAINTIVE
Song and dance from China, say PALAVER
Top stars in Nazi state mostly true to life REALISTIC
Transport offered by people not on strike heading off? CABS
Tree surgeon’s first answer after rejecting party BALSA
Unable to decide, laid low, regularly getting wind TORNADO
Unique car turned up on one list INIMITABLE
Was mummy missing papa after uncommunicative type made a lot of noise? CLAMOURED
What might be left when the wheels come off? AXLE

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