The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,849 – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A lot of trees, if not leaves you can eat ORCHARD
Aware when unusual knowledge to experience a revival REAWAKEN
Carry out tours around area, running through IMPALEMENT
Comic performance better finishing early IMPROV
Court finally sent away unscrupulous opportunist CHANCER
Eccentric fixed outside step with rake SPACECADET
European region ousting leader accepts deed is cause of complaint BACTERIA
General Secretary follows American with control AGRIPPA
Greek god on long dash PANACHE
Green light is item on phone with right shape APPROVAL
I’m entertained in a form that’s ‘nouvelle vague’ INDETERMINATE
Information not following in religious book ACTS
Loud vocalist mostly chilled FRAPPE
Manipulate housing racket in old county area RIDING
Modern artist — in Berlin, you will get Munch DUCHAMP
Monkey regarding, say, Van Gogh’s technique IMPASTO
Motto of waiter, exhausted, needing G&T? ALLINGOODTIME
One in black shirt leaving street with a phone case FASCIA
Oscar stood up in predicament, showing great bottle JEROBOAM
PC needs these, which may be made from 3? MICROCHIPS
Person delivering The Telegraph’s fancy rice cakes COURIER
Promoters of health spa ultimately stop WHOA
Proof what criminals do infiltrates my address CORROBORATION
Proper, upper-class jacket of Lycra is ornamental PRIMULA
Queen breaking finger, which is red TROT
Saint John’s perhaps a Czech SLAV
Stops oatmeal getting sprinkled around large trifle SMALLPOTATOES
Wholesale whiskey and fish paste WIDESPREAD

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