The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,850 – May 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘They will cut mentorship in King’s,’ hear student is claiming PINKINGSHEARS
Appear giddy on horseback TURNUP
Calmly suggest husband must break secret SMOOTHLY
Chairman essentially supported by small number around club IRON
Concertgoer’s back inside, enthusiastic about opening musical piece INTRO
Discovered catch with share account NARRATION
Exceptionally good current board depressed by small upset INIMITABLE
Express hesitation to energetic individual GOER
Fashionable student is wearing small, extremely trendy headphones initially STYLISH
In thoughtful mood after European vote becomes costly EXPENSIVE
Inclination to promote English nurse ANGEL
Island narcotic plant’s good for colds TOBAGO
Large fruit mostly satisfied gastronome GOURMET
Liberal candidate finally left a vague flyer LEAFLET
New mayor maintains tight ethical considerations MORALITY
Note thrushes flying around crown of coppiced tree HORSECHESTNUT
One returning to visit best part of Oxford possibly TOECAP
Particular cycling that shows spirit SPECTRE
Posted about rising obscenity, it’s grating STRIDENT
Reveal what inspires painting by one in Paris UNEARTH
Story Heep unfolds bringing concluding remark from David Copperfield? HEYPRESTO
Thin cut from second piece of meat SLIVER
Today’s setter — poor or rusty? Occasionally dull? Variable? YOURSTRULY
Told way to find country house MANOR
Trains those engaged in surveillance TAILS
Unusual sport entertains very old cleric PROVOST
Where ocean liners travel, mostly INTHEMAIN
Youngsters primarily see defending country as brave Yeomanly

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