The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,851 – May 12 2022 Crosswords Answers

Clues Answers
3 or 5? It’s 4 coming within that — very basic PRIMITIVE
A small guy’s tucked into drink (a large quantity of the drink) TASMANSEA
Bet swapping bridge partner will make you keen EAGER
Big shot taking last of paper in back yard toilet PRIVY
Conservative, one at the top level, but initially very left-wing SOCIALIST
Devilish women mostly besetting male? Give in SUCCUMB
Drug dealer ignoring first court official USHER
Fine time to promote energy, making a stink FETID
French designer not finishing dressing the converted religious follower METHODIST
Get to dispute losing book REACH
Grandiose failure receiving a significant portion of blame BOMBASTIC
Hidden state is behind source of confusion in US state LATENCY
Holding teacher’s latest school punishment, allowing daughter out RETENTION
Instinctive to accept one criminal’s ultimate responsibility GUILT
Italy discouraging adopting old form of expression IDIOM
Justice principally absent from the way some people talk or gas ARGON
Lack indication of early New England winter? SHORTFALL
Liner incomplete, needing a queen’s name TITANIA
Long day in estate — how might the night look? PITCHDARK
M and S are perhaps primarily represented with this? AMPERSAND
Mediterranean port provided answer after show of surprise HAIFA
Meet distractedly during hard work for a sugar boost? SWEETMEAT
Particular person reduced safeguard, leading to awkward situation FUSSPOT
Pledged to a place (not America) TOASTED
Pub that won’t put you all out LOCAL
Sharp point right in something probing locks PRICK
Singular revolutionary group almost capturing mountain in component of operation SCALPEL
Stop short by lady, backtracking intently LIKEMAD
Superficial American backing France in competition SURFACE
Symbolic English author Left dismissed I also abandoned TOKEN
Think a lot of ditching soldiers and airman, hosting large display SPECTACLE
Time for winner to receive new wine? CHAMPAGNE

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