The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,852 – May 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Birdie rare at first hole? REDSTART
Cheerfully vivacious son divided spicy sauce in different tins INSPIRITS
Close friend knocking out a tango, maintaining rhythm INTIME
Couple on river bank TIER
Crackpot phoned in to obtain queen’s personal number ENDORPHIN
Don runs into this, bearing witness for hearing NORTHSEA
Extremist cultivated his veg RADISH
Firm’s great deal with worker in rag trade? TONED
Flower head embodying quiet intensity DEEPNESS
Gain unauthorised access to red wine, drinking before meal TAPINTO
Game boring senior resident of kibbutz? SHARER
Give up, inside spa, Irish bottles DESPAIR
Hit leads to frenzy, unknown for minute country TANZANIA
Horn perhaps a defensive feature? RAMPART
Increasingly sleepy, one’s spotted rook circling remote land DOZIER
Jockey exaggerated jumps during clumsy ride Dettori
Left relative drinking wine unconfined SINISTER
Major competition seeing Hearts in proper arenas OPEN
Male and female pair do the cooking, east of Channel island HERMAPHRODITE
Maybe one in three tantrums outside end in flare up STEEP
Middle Eastern lodging appeal to save horse IMARET
One used to pick dodgy pears with husband trespassing SHERPA
Redirected leg to intercept reserve who shoots SNIPER
Rest of spiders I trap at intervals SIESTA
Rum found here’s hidden before shrubs surrounding cleared INNERHEBRIDES
Short shot restrains stray reptile TERRAPIN
Something circular attached to dash? SPEEDO
Uplifted when holding some baking classes STRATA
Urchin-like rendering of artist in margins of beach BRATTISH
Wild bear eats brother’s flipping towel! ABSORBER

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