The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,853 – May 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Artist: Hyperion, for example, inspiring one TITIAN
Before kiss, take off top APEX
Bill educator BEAK
Bones, when like that, turned over OSSA
Case of goliath leading India, anti-colonialist GANDHI
Final word, acknowledgment by unsuccessful angler? OBIT
Flag is pentagon, surprisingly divided by five PAVINGSTONE
Flatten metal IRON
Four characters in Europe standing trial PEST
Islander sending up all but two characters in opera CUBAN
Jar colossal, by the sound of it? GRATE
Lighter twin MATCH
Manoeuvre tricky there, indicate, then go THREEPOINTTURN
More than one animal in buffalo, fox, giraffe and penguin, last of all OXEN
Novel published on Ray, jazz favourite RHAPSODYINBLUE
On the organ with a drum, our two instruments clashing, initially OTIC
On welcoming first of invitees, call up vassal LIEGEMAN
Over-elaborate colour PURPLE
Perhaps brief peer is taken inside box that neither opens nor closes ARISTO
Primate departs tropical tree TAMARIND
Resident of small country governed by First Lady, out of bounds ANDORRAN
Sailor with bad temper in King Edward’s smack? SALTANDVINEGAR
Something said by charmer, rogue being cuddled by a couple of supporters? ABRACADABRA
Splendid drink knocked over REGAL
Swaying, rocking action so, bilious on board OSCILLATION
Tasteless sandwiches put in container on top of doughnuts, sweet SPOTTEDDICK
Transmittable skill of fielders CATCHING
Where merchandise is scattered? ALLOVERTHESHOP

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