The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,856 – May 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
…after which, did you hear Hoy maybe do one in honour? CIRCUIT
Before he’s quit The Archers, Bert’s first made final provision ENDOWMENT
Canary Yellow fanzine periodically on the counter, delayed in circulation? LANZAROTE
Credit store’s spring cut is operating like clockwork TICKS
Fresh but eccentric crossword compiler repeatedly pumps up the volume CUBICCENTIMETRE
I confirm you will be charged over constant scrounging PARASITIC
In ceremony, call notes of credit ‘iffy’… DUBIOUS
It’s not all fruit juice loading on the wagon — what’s in keg? LEMOTJUSTE
It’s odd, on reflection, Lord North’s not so grasping DROLLNESS
Manages to suppress patient’s heart issues COPIES
Newspaper plagiarism? THEFT
Number 2022? Down? COUNTY
Opposed to admitting disorderly bar element CARBON
Penny Shylock’s taken — by force, I assume USURPER
People sampling leaves dug daisies? TEATASTERS
Pity old book was about her RUTH
Quick chat with GP about keeping one’s head WORD
Red part of Manchester belting Arsenal, with number 4 coming off Odegaard’s butt BURGUNDY
Rubbish hill-workers deposited at back of tip PANTS
Senior soldier has hooks in governors COUNCIL
So there you may see shifts as busy cook YABOOSUCKS
Stunning punch from below fair? Nose bust in two places KNOCKOUT
Team members breaking the same shot record DOCUMENT
To come off worse, let in 400 CLOSED
Two homophones for ‘cut’ and ‘fruit’ PAIR
Was ringer once given a eulogy? EXTOLLED
Who will stay up late to track Capone’s #1 hood? COWL
Who’s made most prominent of offices by degrees? OBAMA
Wire mark on skin doing what scab does? PICKPOCKET

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