The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,862 – Jun 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A US state limited district with a different one ARIZONA
Bar diner regularly ignored French grub BRIE
Beginning once more, we learn to be different RENEWAL
Bother with sailors, say, getting on first of this frill ADORNMENT
Break favoured putter when playing? About right INTERRUPT
Check German export close to Stuttgart AUDIT
Circle beginning to tackle corruption getting to travel widely? GLOBETROT
Domestic assistants frantically shop acquiring uninspiring Spanish article HOMEHELPS
Dotty character fronting Mass in the morning is religious official IMAM
Explosive object gives comical look to TV broadcast MOLOTOVCOCKTAIL
Fantastic envoy rated when touring Norway occasionally EVERYNOWANDTHEN
Fuss shown by old man over former tennis star PALAVER
Heard the government’s taking courses of action TACKS
Humble residence falling short in resort HOVE
Improvised code with strange etiquette DECORUM
Maths expert’s the person in charge when Head of English stands in for absent cover EULER
Mostly obscene names sadly for source of melancholy music BLUESMAN
Note a US singer, one addressing students? TEACHER
Part of a liberal mindset upset group over time with Northern church TOLERANCE
Place to go in New Orleans? RESTROOM
Rant about Queen’s descendant SPROUT
Refuge admitting European is delightful place HEAVEN
Shady type showing arrogance about problem VILLAIN
Some stop rationalising for fool PRAT
Something cheeky, maybe, shown in genuine counter-argument REBUTTAL
Staff appear 50 per cent reduced in Scottish minister’s home MANSE
Stop without aspiration to publicise star ALTAIR
Sweet number introducing refined piece NOUGAT
Tipsy loner in bar draining litre? It requires little thought NOBRAINER
What a persistent fraudster might get far in the future? LONGTERM

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