The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,871 – Jun 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
…with Tory repeatedly exposed following set-up from French journalist EDITOR
Argument over half-spilled beer carried by club bully BROWBEAT
Boss, he’s considered something of a Casanova STUD
Characteristic of humour shown by fellow doctor COMEDIC
Characters from Dornoch and Lerwick ringing Wick trader? CHANDLER
Cocktail without vermouth, it’s magic! MOJO
Colour of originally popular cat breed PRUSSIANBLUE
Crowd retreats, heading away from Mexican city plant MARIJUANA
Deficient partnership finally allowed to block wages INCOMPLETE
Encourage dog to come back, employing ‘heel’ essentially GEEUP
Extremely angry about university heads creating stiff examination AUTOPSY
Foreign flower having pronounced scent ODER
Given protective covering, like some joints are? CASED
Instrumental accompaniment requiring top billing was too regularly overlooked OBLIGATO
Lengthening of syllable in English many favour overturning DIASTOLE
London Tube station’s financial investors ANGELS
Make accessible work uniform, in place before spring POPULARISE
Politician working to back NHS jobs or shaping current cuts? BORISJOHNSON
Put away bubbly I kept cold following son’s tip STOCKPILED
Religious follower, convert, in this car CHRISTIAN
Spirit exists to restrict punishment at school LIVELINESS
State this writer shortened personal article IOWA
Stories, ones acted out ANECDOTES
Sudden emergence of available supply OUTCROP
Throw out revolutionary tactic seen occasionally versus Spain EVICT
Time of day ultimately that we fancy dropping over TWELVE
Two articles of clothing necessary for softball player SHORTSTOP
Unstable enemy country YEMEN
Very brief affair involving Tory’s ending… FLYING
Visibly embarrassed to visit capsized registered vessel DREDGER

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