The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,873 – Jun 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Arrogant rose JUMPEDUP
Author easily fooled in conversation? GREENE
Awful lot of noise around pottery, smashing item? BADMINTONRACKET
Back of restaurant fantastic spot, on reflection, for vegetarian food TOFU
Boudoir item exciting general ELECTRICBLANKET
Brace over wonky teeth, all crowns lifted TWO
Break down thick layer under skin BLUBBER
Buoyant oratorios primarily in G sharp? AFLOAT
Calling on couple, directed the wrong way METIER
Cannon ball that’s soft POMPOM
Date stone cut SEE
Dog barking longer, tired always GOLDENRETRIEVER
End of battle with South, nothing against old country KOSOVO
European perfecting details, we hear? FINNISH
Head chef’s strip? NOODLE
I work in retro style, then study modern image EMOTICON
Lazybones, one going on foot? LOAFER
Member of the family boards STEPSON
Performance of comic remarkable in show’s interval COMMERCIALBREAK
Royal couple misbehave ERR
Second helping covered by ham or eggs MORE
Spread grain? That’s fine MEAL
Staff canteen’s opening in month before winter sale ends SCEPTRE
Strike alongside second labourer BACKHAND
Teacher wearing a perm, awfully sorry? PARDONME
Tool that’s keen, scratching head AWL
Yours truly gripping wood, one old golf club MASHIE
Youth infinite, endless to some extent? TEEN

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