The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,875 – Jun 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Agreement about operation to reverse poverty PENURY
America, say, elevated idiom USAGE
Argues against timeless puzzle REBUS
Around Calais I recalled part of ship in marine debris JETSAM
Bottle containing a lot of drink, judging by eye VISUAL
Church Father wrapped in older sheets? RICEPAPER
Circus performer of note entertaining the French FLEA
Friend back in court, facing charge? Nonsense CLAPTRAP
Instrument maker stripping casing of woodwind instrument yesterday in Amiens LUTHIER
John and Mark at first become more prominent LOOM
Leeway shown by account in theatre poster PLAYBILL
Local government group in city beginning to heed lawyer when speaking PARISHCOUNCIL
No opening for group court case ACTION
Occupy hotel — soon to accept that INHABIT
One newly famous symbol of eroticism, mostly substandard PARVENU
Opening comments in quiet talk vaguely about energy PREAMBLE
Pardon Minister shedding tear about snoops mostly REPRIEVE
Passionate romance enthralling Mike STORMY
Place swathed in unadulterated colour PURPLE
Players get disturbed about old treatment for internal problem CASTOROIL
Pursued switching bridge partner for nothing NOUGHT
Put up with sound of activity coming from us HUMOUR
Remarkable Irish airport no longer under consideration? KNOCKOUT
Resolved actual origins of body tissue CARTILAGINOUS
Run into bone in pit — nasty HORRIBLE
School is out? Head of Physics coming in for drink SCHNAPPS
Small muscle, nothing less — not really there at all SPECTRAL
Stop offering crosswords initially clued day earlier OCCLUDE
Theatre song gets a further look? REPLAY
University abandoning agreement about course rendered void, making particular point NICETY

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