The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,878 – Jun 29 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A team failing — you are caught being unprofessional AMATEUR
Ace fish fingers are part of this DABHAND
Also, I discern piercing flavour ANISEED
Awful, unending pong if hotel guest makes mistake SLIPOFTHETONGUE
Bitter writer follows cycling race ACERBIC
Communist China secures weapon MACHETE
Essentially Amazon Prime’s first gem TOPAZ
Exceptionally large estate maybe getting award OSCAR
Fail to perform Hindu chant with charm OMIT
Female police officers — 9 very strong DISTAFF
Full theatre allowed echo REPLETE
Granted burial at sea with me somewhere in the North Atlantic BERMUDATRIANGLE
I panic after fear grips heart of city — boy finally volunteers TERRITORIALARMY
Indelibly imprint magazine with it — no use after editing issue that’s avidly discussed BURNINGQUESTION
Intimate table SUGGEST
It’s hard to tell if one’s practical JOKE
Looked down on one’s hair style … or weave DOORMAT
Number 10 taken in by hoax claim CONTEND
One honoured to stop car not caught by traffic light AMBER
One that jumps on horse without a saddle ultimately settled ROOSTED
Online concerns about court overturning sentences DOTCOMS
Raise fake concerns about rising stream holding up railway CRYWOLF
Sample from rap has Ice-T’s vocal? Far from it Aphasic
Security feature like in Houses of Parliament HASP
Slippery characters feel seat belts EELS
Solicitor with love for current ceremony POMP
Son supporting a team’s combined powers AXIS
Switching over to end of noisy game LUDO
Terms of Detroit mafia deal with Colombian — principally to supply powder TALC
Trembling state, hosting non-stop quiz shows AQUIVER
TV set review’s oddly missing animation VERVE
What Oxbridge tenet is to get Brexit done ANAGRAM

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