The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,882 – Jul 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
& 18 Down Wild beasts in land I’ve associated with Satanism, wrongly TASMANIAN
A good primate’s religious feasts AGAPES
Batty sort of woman in the home counties, perhaps a foreign lady? SENORA
Compassion evident in Sophy and Stephen? SOFTHEARTEDNESS
Composer of religious service with belief primarily lacking MASSENET
German location mostly generated soldiers BREMEN
Groan maybe going round pub — a problem with background noise TINNITUS
Hard to endure energy cut at first SEVERE
Insane game getting rid of one disruptive element MANGANESE
Man of words, I understand, shortened script finally ROGET
More than one Spaniard enjoys the sun, we hear BASQUES
Parade around avenue trapping a boy getting caught inside CAVALCADE
Parking space? About time! MOORAGE
Parody about head of state becomes successful TAKESOFF
Plant an avens — rodent will invade it AGERATUM
Pleasant army officer, one substituting for Queen GENIAL
Religious leader may appear in places of worship, no question MOSES
Retinue that is turning up to protect queen and boy at match EQUIPAGE
See 10 Across DEVILS
Sensationalist paper embarrassed the Crown? REDTOP
Short message not on outside of the box NOTELET
Soldiers, having sounded hypocritical, expressed a change of mind RECANTED
Somehow relishes having a problem with a will? HEIRLESS
Town has attractive appearance with river flowing round GLOSSOP
Tracking device worn by English sailor that gets into hot water TEABAG
Uneasy, having aggressive advocate for Cockney region of city AWKWARD
Vehicle carrying exceptionally great load, for example TETRAGRAM
Where car may be hit at cricket field ONDRIVE
With such impassivity, man may turn to monasticism STOICISM

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